Finally a holiday

aligned with your way of living (and thinking)

An experience to keep taking care of your body and mind, as well as enjoying nature, healthy eating, yoga sessions, hiking and morning walks.

All designed for you to reconnect with yourself.

In Tramuntia keep your needs and your way of understanding life in balance.


Nature has the power to recharge you with energy to face your day to day. It also has the power to transform you and the ability to make you see what is truly essential in life, leaving aside the small concerns.


Our chef and the best local and seasonal products will make you enjoy the best healthy gastronomy without giving up the pleasure of eating.


Physical activity and body movement are essential elements to have a full life. Yoga sessions, hiking trails or walks on the beach will make you connect with your body and mind.

Time, your most precious asset

At Tramuntia we offer you time. Quality time to dedicate to be focus on each activity. It will make you end the week with energy.

The slow side of life

Slow Life is our life philosophy. Enjoy life by taking your time and focusing fully on what you do. Quality over quantity: it doesn’t matter how much you do. What really matters is how you do it and the passion you put into it. Enjoy every moment with the intensity it deserves.

Disconnect from your routine

Tramuntia is the place where it is possible to stop the clock and invest quality time in each activity. Here you will find rest and disconnection that you have always sought. No crowds, no negative energy.

Would you like to live this unique experience?

Enjoy that quality time that you have always looked for but have rarely found. A weekend to enjoy every moment and savor the incredible natural environment that surrounds us.

The Tramuntia experience consists of generating a stress free environment in which every moment is a delight for the senses.

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